Trying Not to Rush

The revisions are moving right along. About 160 pages into the book now. There are several spots that are going to require "fleshing out" and even more that need to be trimmed back. I'm trying not to flinch at every "to be" verb I run across, but I must admit I've spent more time than necessary trying to figure out alternative phrasing for a number of them. I'm also lingering over every adverb, debating on its necessity, worrying over its impact both in and out of the sentence.

Another item of interest: I've noticed a couple of characters who are mentioned early on and never make a reappearance. I'm planing on fixing that either by removing them altogether or giving them at least a brief scene or two somewhere else in the story.

The most amazing part of this project is how difficult I find it to stick to pen and paper. The urge to open up the WIP and start fixing things on the computer is INSANE, especially when I know exactly how I'm going to rework a scene.

I have two different major scene fixer-uppers I need to address during the type-in.
  • Gabe & Paige's breakup
  • Gabe & Rich's morning after scene (that is not what it sounds like!)

My main concern here is that I won't remember how I plan on fixing these things when I get to the type-in. Right now I have vague notes in the margins about how to better deal with both of these situations, but the details are sketchy. I'm going to have to rely on my memory. Scary, I know.

I'm hoping I'll be able to focus tonight and get some more pages behind me. I'd like to start the type-in sometime next week, but our weekend plans might make that an unrealistic goal.