Revision Update


I started reading/editing over the weekend as planned. Chapter One seemed okay. A few minor things here and there.

Chapter Two may be the death of me. Really. I can't believe I made that many mistakes! And on the first page of Chapter Two, even. I'm hoping this is a fluke. I'm hoping the writing evens out and gets more confident as the story shapes up. If not, I'm in for revision hell.

On the up side, I've got a plan. I forgot to include page numbers on my printed copy. At first, this bothered me a great deal. However, after thinking about it for a while, I realized this might work to my benefit. I'm planning on editing the entire book with red pen in hand. When it comes time for the type-in (aka corrections), I'm going to do them from the bottom up. I think by starting at the last page instead of the first, I'll be less tempted to keep playing with things.

I'll let you know how that shapes up..