Quick Update in Bullets

  • My nephew had surgery yesterday. When I stopped by last night to pick up a change of clothes for his big brother, he was sound asleep and not even our loud chatter could wake him up. This is a good thing. He's going to be sore when the pain meds start to wear off.
  • Revisions are not going to so well. Not because I had written total drek, but because I didn't have a chance to focus last night.
  • Puppy managed to go almost 2 full days without an accident. Until this morning...
  • My youngest will probably lose a fingernail. He somehow managed to slam his fingers in the sliding glass door. I don't know how either, but this is the child who was hurt 4 out of 7 days in Disney. He's also the same child who managed to get a huge sliver in his palm over the 4th of July weekend and screamed bloody murder while we attempted to fish it out.