It's done! It's Done!

The final word count ended up being 116,476. That's about 464 pages of double-spaced, Courier New 11-point type.


Of course, after I finished the last chapter, I realized I still have one minor thread I need to take care of in the rewrite. I'm going to try to do a quick read-through this weekend while we're at the campground. I should have lots of time. (Or none, depending on a number of variables)

I'm going to be looking for major oopsies, dropped threads, and annoying grammar. I'm not the world's best self-editor, though, so I'm sure my beta readers will still find a fair number of mistakes when I finally hand it over, something I'm very nervous to do. Maybe the read through will reassure me that I haven't written complete drivel? That I properly foreshadowed?

Good gravy, I hope so!