Writing Update

Believe it or not, I have been writing. I had a sort of breakthrough moment yesterday, which was desperately needed. The end is in sight, people! I might change a few things during the revision process, but I think for the most part what I got worked.

I'm going to finish this novel. Let me say that one more time with a bit more feeling. I'm going to finish this novel! If I could make those words dance, sparkle, or sing, I would.

It's no longer a question in my mind or a vague hope. I know I'm going to finish it. I am going to finish it, polish it, give it to some trusted beta readers, and then...

Do I self-publish or do I engage in the agent/publisher hunt? Almost from the beginning I've planned on using Lulu's services. Remember this story is a belated Christmas present for my sister-in-law (thank goodness it wasn't the only gift I gave her that year!). I started it with the intention of self-publishing it so the gift-giving wouldn't be insanely delayed.

Still..there's a part of me that is egotistical enough to think this novel might just be good enough to catch somone's eye. It might be marketable. I need to emphasize the might because the truth is there might be too much religion in it for the paranormal romance readers and too much of everything else for the Christian crowd. I'd like to think the romance crowd would still enjoy the story even if they aren't of the Christian persuasion. After all, if they can read a book about vampires, succubi, demons, and angels, they should be able to stretch their imaginations to toy with the idea of God and Satan, too.

I guess I'll wait for the feedback from my beta readers to decide that fateful next step. That's reasonable, right? The important thing to focus on now (she chides herself) is finishing and polishing the book.