My New Baby

Cash (Cassius)
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I'm skipping ahead a few days in the ducumenting of our family vacation because I just can't wait to show you the latest addition to our little family. He weighs about 4lbs right now and we're thinking he'll top out around 8-9. His name is Cassius (call him Cash, we do!).

He's not potty trained.

He's a bit of a biter when he's in play-mode.

He wakes me up about 5AM every morning.

He's a lover most of the time. Seriously. So many kisses...

We don't know his full name yet. His Momma's name was Braveheart Did-It-Bite-Ya. His Daddy's name is Max (no idea if it's just plain ole Max, Maximus, Maximillion...) I thought we should give his parents some kind of recognition, but I'm not sure. Is that a requirement when naming a registered dog?