Blessings in Disguise

My nephew was supposed to have surgery this morning. Imagine my surprise when the hubby and I passed my sister on our way to work and she was driving not towards the hospital but towards home! Of course, being the nosey person I am, I had to know what was going on. A quick cell phone call and I discovered today's surgery had been cancelled and she'd be heading back to work.

During that brief conversation, my sister told me how her intuition had been giving her fits for the last 24-hours and then this. We both agreed the surgery wasn't meant to happen today and, although the cancellation poses some new challenges and a whole new set of headaches, it's really for the best.

Now fast foward a few hours ahead. I'm reading Lisa Bearnson's blog and I come across the story of the little girl they had been vacationing with who had gone missing in the middle of the night. Events had transpired in such a way that the lousy start to their vacation (being unable to get on the water that first night) ended up being the best thing that could have happened for this little girl. Instead of sleepwalking to someone else's boat, she might have walked off the houseboat they had rented into the middle of a huge lake. She might have drowned.

Sometimes the bumps in the road are truly blessings in disguise. Being landlocked that extra night probably saved this little girl's life. I have to believe that there's just as good a reason why my nephew's surgery had to be postponed at the very last possible second. Sure, maybe my sister wasted gas money and burned up some vacation time this morning running him to the hospital, but I truly believe there's a reason he didn't have that surgery today.

Call it coincidence or luck, I choose to see it as divine intervention.