Yay for...rain?

I know it sounds terrible, but I'm glad its raining right now. The little guy's first baseball game has been cancelled, which is just fine because the wonderful Athletic Association in our town doesn't really believe in communication. Hard to believe in today's techy world, isn't it? I know!

Anyhow, we thought we were having their first practice tonight, only to find out that it was actually their first GAME. Apparently no one bothered to let our coaches know the schedule. Not that the rosters were communicated all that much earlier.

But, thanks to the rain, we don't have to worry about our kids going in to their first game stone cold. They should get in at least one practice before the season starts now. So, yay for rain!

Not that I really care about baseball. If you know me at all, you should know sports are pretty low down on the priority list. (I know a bunch of you men just winced...well, maybe just a couple of you.)

What I do care about is the spare time I have just been given tonight. Instead of hootin' and hollerin' at my youngin' (heh), I can now spend my evening at the grocery store leisurely browsing the aisles in search of the perfect campground necessities. Yes, it's that time of year again. Camping.

I love camping.

I can't even tell you how excited I am to go on our first little getaway. Although I'm sure the grocery bill will dilute some of that anticipatory pleasure. I mean, seriously, have you seen the price of milk lately?