Not Enough Hours in the Day

I really thought this feeling would disappear after I was done with school, but it hasn't. Even though the hubby did the grocery shopping last night (he's so much better about sticking to a budget than I am!), I still feel like I hardly accomplished anything.

Here's what I did manage to do:

  • Dinner
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • Supervised punishments of two little boys who decided to have a tussle at daycare. My house looks pretty good right now thanks to their inability to be near each other without launching a full-scale attack.
  • Read one chapter of Peter and the Starcatchers to my boys & my nephew
  • Watched entirely too much television - at least 3 hours.

Here's what I didn't squeeze in to those few precious hours after work:

  • Writing. I have a feeling I'm only about three chapters away from "the end".
  • Packing the camper
  • Writing. Did I mention how close I am to finishing the rough draft of this project?
  • Exercise. I'm supposed to be training for the Crim. At this rate, I'll be lucky to run one of the 10 miles I'm planning on trying to tackle.
  • Writing. Seriously, so close!

Can you tell I'm getting antsy about the writing? I really wanted to sit down and make some serious progress last night. I have no valid excuse for why I didn't open up the WIP and tackle the current scene. You read that statement about entirely too much TV, didn't you? Yeah. No excuses.

Although, I must admit I had to know whether or not America had gotten it right. They had. Jason Castro is finally gone. Although I wasn't a fan, I have to admit his parting attitude was very commendable, if not downright chuckle-worthy. He's a very humble sort of guy, which is hard not to admire.

See...too much TV. Not enough writing.

This was a recent topic of discussion for Mur Lafferty and Jared Axelrod on a recent Special Issue of the I Should Be Writing podcast. They were basically talking about how it's hard to feel sorry for writers who complain about not having enough time to write when they admit to watching hours and hours of television each week. If you want to write more, watch less television! Don't turn it on. Don't get sucked into re-runs and pointless programming.

I struggle with this because I like television. I enjoy the mind-numbing relaxation before bedtime.

But I'd also enjoy finishing this book.