I Haven't Disappeared.

Although the blog may not reflect this simple truth, I'm still here. I've been incredibly busy with the boys' sports. This week we've already had a baseball game and a soccer game. If they don't cancel, we have a baseball game tonight and another soccer game tomorrow. On Saturday we have three soccer matches - two for the oldest boy and one for the munchkin. Busy!

I'm going to miss a significant number of these games this week, though. Tomorrow night I'm spending the night at my Mom's because I'm carpooling to an off-site workshop in one of the state's bigger cities. I'm going to use this night away from home to get my hair done. I'm very excited about this. I'm so ready to have a new look! I'm scheduled for a perm and a cut, and while I feel bad for the lady who has to roll this mop I call my hair, I'm very excited. I'll post pictures sometime this weekend.

Friday night my niece has a dance recital. She's five now and nothing short of a princess, so I'm sure I'll have some great photo ops. The only bummer is that they don't allow photography during the show, which means I'll only have before and after pictures.

Saturday is even busier! We're scrapbooking Saturday morning. We're cutting our scrappin' short, though, so we can get back to my place in time to leave for the Beer Festival in a neighboring town. There's a big group of us going. At last count I think there were 11 of us for certain with a possibility of 5 more joining us. It really comes down to babysitter issues and cold hard cash.

So! Yay! Fun!