Writing...What's that?

I know I haven't said anything recently about the WIP. There's a reason for that. I haven't touched the thing in a couple weeks. I just haven't had time.

I've also decided I'm afraid of finishing it. Yep, afraid.

I'm afraid it will suck and I'll realize only after I finish the thing that it came unravelled right at the end. At this stage in the game, the threads are winding nicely around each other, but I can so easily see the knot tying them all together slipping free. The logical part of me knows this is unlikely. The insecure child that lives inside my skull is not so sure.

Of course, even as I say this, I've been considering actually trying to find an agent/publisher. I know! I'm surprised, too. It's just the thought of waiting for months, possibly even years, for anything to happen that makes me shy away from this idea.

Not to mention I have NO IDEA where to market this. One part of me feels as if it might - if we stretch things far enough - fit into Christian fiction as well as romance. If I attempt romance only, I'm afraid the heavy Christian overtones will turn the agent/editor off. Humph.

I need a serious beta reader, too. Honest to the point of brutal without being downright ugly mean. I have friends and family reading it, but they're friends and family. Need I say more? They love me (sometimes) and won't want to disappoint or hurt my feelings by pointing out flaws.

Humph again.