I got my camera! It's bea-u-ti-ful! After opening the box and getting the lens attached and the straps put in place, we had to give the battery time to charge. Lucky for me, I had an errand to run after work, so the battery charged while I took the boys out to eat and then soccer shoe shopping.

I'm happy to report the kids each got a new pair for under $20. Gotta love the Outlet mall! Although I should note that the oldest was a bit bummed when I wouldn't let him get turf shoes and forced him to buy the ones with no toe cleat that are made for outdoor soccer. For him, it's all about appearance right now. Unlike the outdoor shoes that would fit his size 5.5 foot, the turf shoes came in a wider variety of colors and styles. This might not have been the case if we had done our shopping a bit earlier, but things were pretty well picked over by last night.

After we got home the boys had to have baths. Stinky creatures! It was finally at bedtime that I was able to break out the new camera and take a couple of snapshots. I used the auto settings - no tweaking with aperature or ISO settings - and LOVED the clarity of the pictures. They're so crisp compared to my point-and-shoot camera! I'll try to figure out how to get them from the camera to the computer tonight so you can see my very first photos with the camera.

Tonight the kids have their first soccer practice. I figure I'll get a chance to take some action shots right away as long as the rain holds off. If it rains, the camera will be staying home. So let's hope the rain stays well away!