The Sunny Days of Soccer

Soccer season has officially started. The boys had their first practices tonight. It was sunny, but cold. That wind was wicked!

What's that? Did I take any pictures, did you ask?

Why, yes! I did! And because I know you're just dying to see them, I'll share just a few. I still need to work on composition, but I'm pretty happy with these.

The top two pictures are of my boys. This last one is of my sister and her little guy. I used the pre-programmed sports setting on the soccer pics and the portrait pre-settings on my sister and nephew.

If tomorrow is nice, I might get some better shots. Tonight I couldn't stop shaking, which really couldn't have helped the autofocus mechanism. Not to mention I didn't get a chance to play with any of the settings in the P, A, S, or M modes. What's the fun of having a SLR if you're just going to use the presets?!?!