I can admit it. I am spoiled. Rotten even.
Yesterday I placed an order for a digital SLR. I'm so excited. Hell, I can't even stand myself right now. I am positively gushing. And just wait until the shipment arrives. I can't even imagine how annoying I'll be then!

I bet you want to know what camera I'm getting. My heart was set on a Canon Rebel for so long that it will probably come as a surprise that I ordered a Nikon. The price was right and the camera has some features that I think are really going to help me as a beginner in the world of D-SLRs.

I read a bunch of reviews and, after a couple hours of agonizing, I finally bought the thing. I'm really excited by the "newbie" features. There are graphic representations that will instruct me on the impact of any given change to aperture, ISO, and all that good stuff. I think this is really important because most of the time I'm not going to be leafing through the instruction manual or other instructional books.

There is a flickr group that uses the D40. You can check out their amazing photos if you want by clicking here. Maybe I'll someday add to their collection!