You Probably Don't Care, But...

I managed to get some research done while I was out of town. Not a lot, mind you, but some. This means I had to spend a few hours today reading a couple more of my sources. If I can manage to force out the first two pages of my paper before going to bed tonight, I will be happy.

There. Homework update is out of the way.

Now onto more interesting things like Upward basketball, scrapbooking, and writing. Yes, the height of excitment is right here on this blog. Can you stand it? first.

The kidlets had their last games of the season today. My youngest did not fare well. However, a loss is much sweeter when its followed by a free basketball and some cheap toys earned through fund-raising efforts.

My oldest, on the other hand, won his game by a wide margin. My little man was up and down that court, shooting one basket after another. (I think he scored at least 10 points, maybe more.) Of course, the other team was a player short and had to borrow one of our kids, so I'm not sure this game was a fair assessment of anyone's skill level. Still, I'm proud of the little man. He didn't do the same run again and again and again. He actually shot the ball from various spots on the court! That's huge, people. Huge.

Okay...Basketball update is done.

That leaves scrapbooking and writing, both of which I have done little to nothing on for the last week. I did paint a few pieces of chipboard today. Oh, And I got an idea for the title and journalling I want to do for the page.

Writing update is even more dismal. I haven't touched the WIP in days. I figure this research paper will consume my free time and that this will remain true for the next several days.

Why do I want to go to grad school? Tell me...