Some Mid-Week Goals

So I'm going out of town for a couple days. My office is sending me across the state to a K12 conference (we'd like to convince a few of the teachers to take either professional development or graduate credit with our institution). When I'm not manning a booth and smoozing with potential students, I will be alone in my hotel room.

This is a good thing, but not for the reason you might first suspect.

The hope is that I might actually get some homework done. I know. I'm shocked by the whole idea, too!

I really need to get my little butt busy, though, on the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome paper I'm supposed to have done in two weeks. I have a smidgeon of work done on it, but nothing substantial. And I need substantial. Substantial amounts of info will be required for the 12-15 pages I'm supposed to whip out over the next two weeks...

So that's what I plan on doing during my free hours for the next two nights. Research and more research. Note taking and outlining. This should enable me to start actually composing the paper this weekend.

Someday I will stop procrastinating....someday I will start working on a project the very week its announced.