I must admit this weekend was very relaxing. I didn't do a whole lot of anything. Sure, I might have tossed in a couple loads of laundry whenever the thought crossed my mind, but most of my weekend was spent sitting on my butt. I read. I played Final Fantasy XII. I watched television - although I must admit there's not a whole lot to watch right now!

Friday night the family, minus one child, went over to Ken and Terri's. While the guys did manly things like changing the brakes on her car and giving mine a quick tune-up, Terri and I played around with Facebook and chit-chatted. By the time we decided to pack up and head home our youngest had fallen asleep, so we ended up leaving him there. Wohoo! One night with no kids!

It would have really been nice if I wouldn't have gotten up bright and early Saturday morning to go kickboxing. Totally ruined a perfectly good chance to sleep in!

Even better, we let both of the boys invite a friend over to spend the night Saturday. They got along pretty well. Mostly. I only had to get after them a couple of times.

Sunday I did kickboxing again. Went scrapbooking at my sister's. Got a phone call that my SIL, Kellie, was having the baby. For those of you with access to my Facebook account, you can see the pictures here.

And that was my weekend. You'll notice there was no writing and no homework involved. I didn't even do the morning pages! In fact, I didn't even THINK about the morning pages until today.