One Last Thing..

So, I think I've mentioned that I'm applying to Grad School, right? Well, if I haven't, considered yourself notified. I'm applying.

I've turned in everything but my letter of intent. Oh, I've written said letter and asked for feedback, but my proof reader has yet to respond to the rough draft I sent her. This makes me think it sucks.

Okay. So I could probably write something a bit more engaging. But what do you go for? Engaging or professional? How much personal do you mix in? Should I mention things like I'm working on a novel right now? Should I tell them I've been honored to receive private mentoring from a published author? Should I toot my horn and admit I've just been nominated for Phi Alpha Theta by one of my professors?

Seriously, I put none of that in there. It all felt so pretentious.

Ug. I hate writing about myself. It's awkward.