Morning pages & The Artist's Way

So one of the key assignments from the Artist's Way is to write 3 pages a day. These pages are supposed to be done as soon as you wake up in the morning and they don't have to make a lick of sense unless you want them to. Oh, and they must be done in long hand.


I'd rather type.

But the book says to do them the hard way, so that's what I'm doing.

Can I just say that writing three pages by hand every MORNING is damn difficult. Mornings are not my best time. I'm lucky to pull myself together in time to get the kids on the bus. Writing three pages by hand before leaving the house is going to be impossible. So, I need to figure out when I can do them during the day or if they'll still be beneficial in the evenings after I get home from work.

I'd probably have more to say after I get home from work, that's for sure. A whole day's worth of frustrations and thoughts to capture.

I'm going to try it. It may not be following the advice exactly as its given, but I think the three pages is more about clearing the cobwebs than anything else, so it might work.

On one last writing related note: Just started Chapter 26. I have about 106K done and probably 15K left to go. I listed everything that I need to have happen between now and then and the list is long. Wish me luck!