Oh, dear.

As you may have noticed, the word meter on my sidebar has been steadily progressing toward completion. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that I'm making some real progress on the story. It's such a relief to know the end is in sight.

However, that being said, I'm beginning to wonder if I can really wrap everything up in 125,000 words. For some reason, I'm not feeling the love. Seriously. The relationship between my hero and heroine still feels very fresh and awkward. It's on the verge of developing into something bigger and better, but they've just not had enough time to know each other well enough yet for the final scene to ring true.

Oh, I know how this all ends. Yes, indeedy. It's just getting the two of them there that's going to be difficult.

Perhaps I've focused too much on the problem that brought them together and not enough on them. I've been worried about this for awhile now, but the more I write toward the approaching climatic scene, the more certain I am that I need to give my characters time to fall in love and not just lust.

Like all good love stories, this story will only work if the reader believes the hero and heroine are truly, deeply in love. Soulmates.

I'm going to keep writing in hopes that the upcoming scenes will give me a chance to allow them to naturally drift out of lust and into love. Wish me luck. I feel like I need it!