I'm Back!

If you ignore the nasty food we were served, I had a lovely weekend. I managed to create 22 pages (that's 11 2-page spreads). Most of the pages were of our trip to Maine back in 2006. However, just to change it up a bit, I did manage to do one page of trick-or-treating in the campground. I'll try to either scan & stitch the layouts together or take a picture of some of my favorite layouts. They weren't masterpieces, but they count!

As for the hotel accommodations...let's just say the change in venue was not a good idea. The Quality Inn apparently has issues with quality lighting, quality food, and quality equipment. The most frustrating thing was the food. In past years we were fed very well, as in all-you-can-eat-crab-legs as our big Saturday night meal. This year our big meal was Stouffer's frozen lasagne and a piece of garlic bread. I couldn't eat the lasagne. Although it had been cooked, it was cold. After a couple of the ladies had to run to the restroom a half-dozen times later that night, I'm grateful my picky palate kicked in.

To make up for the rotten food all weekend, we picked up Little Cesear's pizza Friday night and Taco Bell on Sunday. The two best meals were ones we shouldn't have had to buy!

This wasn't the only thing that threw off our rythym. Although the hotel had a bar, it only had a DJ scheduled for Saturday night. Now, every year previous we've gone to the bar Friday night and scrapped as long as we could stand it Saturday night. This time we were forced to do just the opposite. The only nice thing about the bar was that we were pretty much the only people there. The owner and his wife wandered through as did their son and his 14-year-old boy. This meant we pretty much got to listen to whatever we wanted. It also meant we could sing karaoke to our heart's content. Heck, since there was no one there to hear me caterwailing, I even sang!

The only thing left to mention was the bitter, frost bite temperatures we had to pack up in. -25. Yes, with wind chill, it was 25 below zero! If you had any idea how much junk a bunch of scrapbookers are compelled to tote around, you'd realize packing up on Sunday was not a five minute job. Still, we managed and we made it safely home.