Freedom Train at the Temple Theatre

Today is my oldest son's birthday. At 7:38 PM he will officially be ten years old. Ten!!!

Although he's going to have cake and ice cream after dinner and get to open a present or two, his birthday started early. It just so happened that his fourth grade class had scheduled a field trip for today. Of course, I couldn't let an opportunity to spend the day with my birthday boy pass me by, so I volunteered to chaperone. Although I didn't ride the bus to and from the theatre, I did get to sit with my son and one of his little friends during the hour-long play.

As you'd expect cameras weren't allowed during the actual performance, but I was able to take a few shots prior to the curtain opening. Of course, now that I want to post them, Blogger is going to be a pain.

At least a got the picture of the two of us up there!