Crossing My Fingers

Today my oldest had his second trial run of the ADHD meds at school. We gave him a dose yesterday just to make sure it wouldn't upset his stomach - it didn't.

He called me a little after 8 and said he thought he was going to throw up. I told him to get his little fanny back to class. I wasn't buying it.

Of course, the rest of the day I've been waiting for another phone call. You know the one. You're kid just vomited everywhere and you need to come get him ASAP.

Luckily, that didn't happen. He made it through the whole day without getting sick.

Now for the really amazing part of the story. After school today my husband received a phone call from the boy's teacher. She wanted us to know how the day went. It went amazing!! She said he was a totally different child and she meant it in a good way. He was focused. During their spelling test he wrote out the word, read it, fixed it if he could. He didn't get a 100%, but he got a smiley face on the paper if that's any indication of how well he did. Then she told my husband about math. I think her exact words were "He did things today that I've never seen him do." Like multiplication in his head. Not small numbers, either. These were problems that could result in sums like 44,000. Although, I think they were significantly less. Like 61 x 5. Anyhow, she said he was one of the first kids to raise his hands and, even more impressive, he got quite a few of them right!

She's very excited. Hopeful.

I'm praying it's not a fluke. I'm praying that the meds we fought so hard to avoid are working some kind of modern science miracle. Maybe school won't be the uphill battle it's always been for him. Maybe it'll get easier. Maybe he won't feel incapable and inadequate any more.