I did it. I paid my monthly dues to join kickboxing. That $50 check entitles me to approximately 20 hours of sweat and tears.

Can I just say it was damned hard writing that check. There's so much I can do with $50! I could buy six or seven books. I could build up my camera fund that much faster. I could buy a couple of pairs of jeans (desparately needed). I could buy a replacement pair of snow pants (thanks to my son who lost them on the school bus).

Yet, I spent it on exercise.

If I don't start losing a lot of weight, I am going to get pissed. Or at least a pant size, dammit. Okay, really, I just want to look decent in my bathing suit. That boat trip isn't getting any further away. Quite the opposite.

Which is why I paid.

Stupid bathing suits.