I have to admit this kind of behavior will make me think twice about taking my kids to Chuck-E-Cheese for a few hours of games and pizza.


I can't believe the police had to resort to using pepper spray (although it's since been alledged that the pepper spray was actually in the hand of a civilian instead of a police officer). Now don't get me wroing, I don't fault the police for doing what they've got to do. They had to break the fight up somehow and restore order.

No, I fully blame the "adults" who were involved. They should be ashamed of themselves. This isn't a bar or a club where you almost expect this kind of assine behavior. It's a children's resturuant, complete with mechanical puppets and everything!

What was truly amazing was the people who called in to a local radio station a few days later to give a first-hand account of what had happened. One lady's newborn child had their head shoved out of one of the fighter's way. Others had their wives and children huddled out of the way. By all accounts, it was insane.

Even more shocking was the fact that this kind of behavior is not uncommon at Chuck-E-Cheese. I've been there several times and never seen anything remotely threatening or shocking. It's always been a fun, safe environment for my family to hang out.

Thanks, Flint, for bursting that bubble! Of course, after a quick Google search, I discover this kind of idiocy isn't reserved for Flintonians alone. Oh, no. Not at all.

Still, I cannot imagine being somewhere I deem safe for my children and having this kind of chaos break out. After we get our hands stamped, I usually let my kids run free. They're 9 and 7, but they're also inside a place that supposedly takes extra measures to keep my kids from being hustled out the door by some stranger. Kind of hard to imagine them checking hand stamps, though, when people are rushing towards the doors to avoid a drunken brawl.

And, seriously, why is alcohol served inside a children's establishment? Is that really necessary?