Warning! Mean Mom Ahead

Last night my son's punishment for his poor progress report card was amped up a little bit. Now he's not only grounded from all his electronic games (computer, PS2, Wii, Gameboy), but he is now grounded from the television, too. He's down to toys and books.

I don't know why that makes me feel like a mean mom, but it does. Although, when I stop and think about it, those were my two main forms of entertainment as a child. Even when we had an Atari system and then graduated to the Nintendo, my parents limited our time. Mostly, I had my toys and I had my books. My self-entertainment was driven by my imagination, not a software developer's. I survived it. In fact, I think it made me the person I am today. Would I have been drawn to reading and writing if I had been able to focus all my energies on flashier things like computer games and such? I don't think so.

And cartoons? Please. Saturday mornings only. I didn't have Cartoon Network and I managed not to wither away and die.

Look! I've reassured myself that he'll survive the next few weeks without all the modern conveniences we put into our children's hands. He might even learn he's so much more capable than he realizes.

Or he may just think we're the world's meanest parents ever.

Or maybe, just maybe, he'll remember to turn in his homework!