Uh oh

So class was cancelled tonight. This turned out to be a very good thing because it meant I was able to search high and low for my missing cell phone. Not that it's done me any good, mind you. I still haven't found the blasted thing.

I've asked my kickboxing instructor.
I've asked the pharmacy where I picked up the kidlet's prescription on Friday.
I've asked my sister-in-law whose house we were at on Saturday night.

No one has seen the darn thing.

When I called my number it rang and rang last night and this morning. However, it is now going directly to voice mail. I'm sure the battery has died. Hopefully the phone itself is still in working order. My only fear is that it slipped out of my coat pocket and into a snow bank. Luckily I didn't go many places this weekend so there's only so many places it could be hiding out. Unfortunately there are two parking lots and two driveways involved.

Wish me luck in finding it. I have a feeling I'm giong to need it!