Well, it's that time of year again. You know. The Big Game. Not that I really care all that much about football. Oh, alright, if I'm honest, I don't care about the football at all. It's not like that's a state secret. Me + televized sports = zombie-like trance of pure misery.

However, I must admit I enjoy Superbowl Sunday. First, there's spending an evening with our best friends. Sure, some years we have other friends and family thrown into the mix, but there's always Ken and Terri. Take this year, for instance. It looks likeSome friends from work are coming out. There's another couple I'd love to invite, if only they were still a couple. Ah well, maybe next year this time that situation will have worked itself out.

For now I need to keep the focus on this year and keep my wishful thinking in check. Since we're hosting the party, the hubby wants to plan a menu. Nothing big, mind you, just some snacks and such. I think I'm breaking out the chocolate fondu machine I got for Christmas. The question then becomes whether or not I can find fresh strawberries that taste half-way decent. You notice my priority is chocolate, right? I'll let the hubby worry about the rest of it!

I also think I'd like to start the party a little early this year. Maybe get a little Wii sports in before the pre-game stuff comes on. I know my kids are definitely going to want to play the Wii after my friends from work show up. There's some Pokemon critters getting loaded onto the machine and my oldest is a huge Pokemon fan. He's already asking how long until the Superbowl gets here. He doesn't like it when I say "a couple of weeks", but he'll survive.

I guess the only other bit of news today is that my oldest is home puking. Again. This is the second day this week. The difference this time is that we know it's not the meds because he's not on them right now. We discontinued those after he threw up Monday.

Alright, I'm off to get the little one from school. See ya later!