Shockingly Sad News

A dear family friend passed away unexpectedly two nights ago. I wasn't as close to him as my sister. I was a bit older than his two beautiful daughters, so I didn't hang out there on weekends or even after school. My sisters, on the other hand, were friends with both girls. The older of my two younger sisters became fast and forever best friends with his oldest daughter.

Not too long ago I know my sister went and talked to her best friend's dad about an emotionally charged topic and got some insight and advice from him. He was, without a doubt, her second Dad. She loved him and I'm pretty sure he loved her, too. He offered her support and guidance, something every girl needs now and again.

And now he's gone. He died instantly from a massive heartattack after spending a wonderful day with his wife. I hope my last day on this earth is just as idealic, if there can be such a thing when death is involved.

He was a wonderful man. He will be missed by so many people. My heart aches for his wife and daughters (including those he unofficially adopted into his heart). May God carry them through this difficult time.