Opinions, please.

So, last weekend before last we had some little visitors come over to the house for a few hours. After they left my son discovered his Pokemon game had disappeared from his Gameboy. After making them clean their rooms, look under their beds, behind their dressers, and in their toy boxes, I had to at least consider the possibility the missing game and the children's visit might be related.

My oldest boy - the one whose game had come up missing - talked to the oldest of the three boys that been to visit on Saturday. The child told my son his brothers had taken the game. That he had seen them playing it and passing it back and forth.

So I called their Grandma, who they live with, and asked if she look into the situation. A few minutes later a little voice comes on the line and tells me they had taken the game outside and must have left it by the swingset. Okay. Not good. It's winter! It's been raining and snowing.

And I feel like an ass for implying the kids might have taken it without permission.

Fastforward a week....yesterday my son came home from school with the Pokemon game in hand. The oldest boy had taken it from his brothers and returned it my son. Of course, this makes me very happy. Losing a $30 game had rubbed me the wrong way.

Now the question is...do I mention the return to the Grandparents of the three children? I would really like to reward the oldest boy for making sure my son got his game back. I was thinking a small monetary amount would work, maybe $5 or so, just something to say "thank you and you did the right thing". I also feel that the Grandparents should know that the other two lied to them and to us when we called last week when it first went missing. I know I'd want to know if it were my children.

The boys in question are young. First Grade and Kindergarten, I'm thinking. Young enought that they might not have known better.

What are your thoughts? Should I leave well enough alone? The game was returned, so in the end it all turned out.