When I first searched the internet for a community of writers I could join, I found a place called the Mighty Quill. It was small and homey and I seemed to fit in just fine. For a good year or more I called that community home. I can't say exactly why I drifted away, but I think it had a lot to do with the mutating member list. During that first year I found several people I could talk to about a life-long passion, but there were two who really stood out: Erik and Lola.

I remember working on an Anthology Erik had been mulling over for some time. I wrote two short stories set in that world. It was challenging and oh-so-much-fun. I still have those two stories on my harddrive and back-up drives.

Despite our growing friendship, real life happened and we drifted away from each other. For awhile Lola and I kept in touch and even managed to exchange e-mails and catch each other in instant messenger conversations. But then our schedules changed and availability diminished. Our budding friendship faded.

Erik just kind of disappeared into the ether. So imagine my surprise when I found a comment from him in my last post. Somehow he managed to stumble across my blog. I'm so glad he took a moment to drop a quick note of hello. It was a very pleasant surprise.

I hope his writing is going well and his life turned out to be e everything he had wished and hoped for!