What a crazy weekend!

My weekends are always pretty busy, but I really think this one might have been the most hectic I've had to deal with in a long time.

First and foremost, I needed to write my final paper for my Witch and Witch Hunt class. It's due the day we return from Vegas, which means I won't have time to do more than hand it in. I thought I might get the rest of the book read (two chapters!) and the paper started Saturday morning. Well, I was half right. I got the reading done before I went to bed on Saturday.

The problem was that there was just so much going on this weekend. First, we had to keep a promise to the boys. They had each done pretty well on their report cards and the deal was that if they did well, they got to buy a used Pokemon game for their Gameboys. Holy crap!!! I had no idea those stupid games were going to cost us between $25 - $30 each! I wanted to tell them no way were we spending that much, but the hubby wouldn't let me. "A promise is a promise." Ug! Money we just don't have right now, but what do you do? Make less expensive promises in the future. That's what.

Saturday morning the hubby and my brother took my dad up to his old place and moved his stuff into a storage unit near our house. This took approximately 4 hours. During this time I started reading the last few chapters of the book. I had company show up. When it was time for them to leave, my nephews pulled on my heartstrings which resulted in an offer to watch them while their mom ran some errands. After she picked them up, the guys got back. I couldn't just pretend they weren't there, so of course I stopped reading. This pattern seemed to dominate the day. Read for a bit. Get distracted. Read for a bit. Get distracted.

Oh, and the Christmas tree! We decided to get the tree before the storm hit. So into our snow pants and winter coats we went. We found the tree pretty quickly, visited with Santa, and paid our bill. The funniest memory of the day happened at the tree farm. At this point I had traded two nephews in for one and so I had three children to keep tabs on. My nephew, who is 8 going on 38, walks up to Santa and asks, "So, am I on the naughty list?" Santa handled it very well by saying he was going to have to double-check since that question alone probably meant it was very likely. It was quite funny.

So, back home, fight with the tree to get it to stay upright in the stand. We finally tied the darn thing to the wall. I think the hubby and I are both ready for fake trees that go up without any drama.

Few hours later my brothers and sister arrive to play some cards. The storm we had been hearing about finally hit and most of them left rather early for them. My sister was the only one who stayed until nearly 2 that morning. Of course, even though she only lives a mile or so up the road, I couldn't go to sleep until I knew she had made it safely home, so I had to call. She was fine and I could finally sleep.

That brings us to Sunday. Up at 8 o'clock to bake a birthday cake for my youngest. Time to decorate the tree and get out all the holiday decorations. Realize I'm missing garland and that my 9-year-old no longer things a Winnie-the-Pooh stocking is appropriate. This sent me scurrying off to the store with my dad. Back home. Finish decorating the tree. Hubby wrapped the birthday presents and made the kids lunch while I did...something else. Laundry maybe?

2 o'clock. Birthday party time! We kept it small this year, but still we had a nice little house full of people. My little guy had insisted on inviting some school friends: two of them showed up. The little girl must have felt out-numbered by my boys and my two nephews. Not that she seemed to mind.

Needless to say, I didn't start writing my paper or packing for the trip until around 6 that night.

No wonder I'm tired!