Hard Lesson Learned

My youngest son learned a hard lesson this week. Over the weekend he used his birthday money to purchase a new Pokemon game for his Gameboy Advance. To say that he was enamored would be putting it midly. He played it for hours, putting it down only when mom and dad had had enough and forced him to find alternate means of entertainment.

Well, Monday night he needed a bath. I interrupted his game - or so I thought - to have him get into the tub. Up the stairs he went with only mild grumblings. I saw the Gameboy in his hands. I expected him to put it in his bedroom, maybe on his bed or dresser. I didn't expect him to take it into the bathroom with him.

Can you see where I'm going here?

He comes down after his bath all worked up. "Mom, my Gameboy won't work." Then he hands me the device and I realize it's leaking. Water. On my couch. Not good. I pull out the game cartridge and more water drains out.

Yes, he tried playing with while in the bathtub. As you can imagine this has cost him dearly and there have been many tears. It looks like the power supply is fried. He's going to be Gameboy-less until he's earned enough money to purchase a new one. This means lots of extra chores. It also means many weeks of watching his brother happily playing on his Gameboy.

Thank goodness Santa comes in less than a week. Hopefully some new distractions will help wipe away a few of those crocodile tears.