I'm so close to graduation. Two more classes. That's all I need. Of course they need to be 300 or higher, so this does limit me somewhat. Even more limiting is the need for one of these 300 level courses to have a Natural Science designation attached to it.

I contacted the BAS advisor today and am waiting for his response to an advising question I submitted. I'm hoping I can take a course that doesn't normally have a natural science designation assigned to it. The department secretary told me that he, as the program director, has the power to tell the Registrar's to accept the course toward my graduation requirements. I'm hoping he'll agree.

If he doesn't agree, it means I've got one more semester to go. It'll put off graduation until August, but that's really not a big deal either. I don't plan on starting grad school until Fall.

So now it's a waiting game to find out if I'm done in May or August.