Question for the masses

Okay, so I have about five steady visitors. Please weigh in on this little survey if you would please.

The WIP is a romance. The characters meet in Chapter One and are together the next nine out of ten chapters in some way or another. Then they get split up. They're apart for almost 10 chapters, each getting about equal POV time on the page.

My question is this: As a romance reader how long does it take you to get irritated that the hero and heroine aren't sharing the same scene?

I know I've read books where I've gotten impatient for the relationship dynamics to become the main focus again. My fear is that the readers will lose faith in the relationship between the characters. Now, I've tried figuring out if there's a way to cut out some of the separated chapters, but I don't see a way to do it and still keep the story coherent. I'm pretty sure the next chapter will see the hero and heroine reunited. The relationship will have a chance to develop and mature over the next 100 or so pages.

The romance has to work for the ending I have planned. The reader has to believe the love they feel for each other is real and deep and lasting.

Part of me realizes the writing always takes longer than the reading. The separation I'm feeling between them may be more about the time it takes to write their story than an actual reflection on how the story is going to read. I get that, but I still worry.

So what are your thoughts?