Monday Update

Well, I ended up completing half of my weekend goals. The paper is written, the laundry looks good, and my sister and I spent Saturday evening scrapbooking with a 6-pack of Mike's. I got 7 pages done; she got 8. The show-off. I already had one page done when she got to my place, so I should have finished one up. Ah, well. She's just a faster scrapper than I am.

I didn't get a single word written on the WIP, which bums me out. I'm hoping to make up lost ground today. This should be possible since I'm home instead of at work where I belong.

My oldest didn't last but a couple hours at school today. He called my office complaining that his stomach hurt. Oh, joy. At least the stomach cramps haven't produced anything messy that I've needed to clean up. Now let's hope I haven't just cursed myself.

What else? I added a new link to my sidebar. Look under Friends & Family, if you're curious.

I think that's about it. Maybe I'll post a snippet later today.

Edited to add: Paperback Writer is back in business! This is a great relief as I sorely missed my daily dose of snarky writerisms.