Long Weekend

I really think we should get more long weekends. They're wonderful and refreshing and relaxing.

Friday the family and I went over to visit with my brother and his family. While the guys hung out in the garage fixing the axle on a trailer, my sister-in-law and I chatted in the house about this and that. She's about halfway through her pregnancy for what we believe will be their fourth boy - she's already had one ultrasound that provided a glimpse of male genitalia.

A little bit later my other brother and his family showed up. I feel bad because we didn't stay and visit very long after they arrived. Not that I think either of my sisters-in-law cared. They were exhausted, too. All three of us had been up early to take advantage of the Black Friday sales - I went solo this year, which was not nearly as enjoyable as going with a partner or two. In any event, we only stayed at my brother's house that night until about 8 p.m.

Yesterday we got a sitter so the adults could have a night out. We went and watched Beowulf in 3D at the IMax. One word: Amazing. While the storyline dragged in a few places, the special 3D effects were so astounding, it really didn't matter. I can't even imagine what they'll be able to do with I Am Legend, but I'm willing to find out. It's suppose to open on December 14 at the IMax. I don't know if we'll be able to afford it, but I'd love to go see it before it's replaced by something else. Besides, it's Will Smith. What's not to love?

After the movies we went out to a restaurant/bar for a drink. Really. One drink. I had hot chocolate because alcohol just didn't sound good. After dropping the babysitter off at home, we came back and played 31 (a.k.a "Tonk") for a bit. Mostly I got to listen to my dad tell stories about his past, which wouldn't be so bad if Dad had any concept of "too much information". There were a few times I had to shush him, which made him laugh and keep right on a-going. I think we made it to bed around 1:30 in the morning.

Today I've been incredibly lazy. I watched some TIVOed television shows. Men in Trees was pretty good and I'm hoping they don't do something stupid and kill off Jack. Then again, he does kind of annoy me as a character, so maybe I wouldn't care too much. And what's up with Cash? I'm thinking he has cancer or maybe even AIDS. Wouldn't that take some gutsy writing to have an AIDS afflicted character on such an otherwise light-weight, feel-good show? Probably won't happen. Too controversial.

After Men in Trees I watched Torchwood. It was a so-so episode for me. I'm a bit disappointed in some of the character development this week. We'll have to see how the season finale wraps up I guess.

Oh, and I'm totally missing Stargate Atlantis. I think it's suppose to be back next week.

Now that I'm all caught up on my horrible, terrible, time-consuming television addiction, I'm ready to move on to homework, scrapbooking, reading, writing, and housework. Not necessarily in that order. Oh, and I should throw in a shower for good measure!

I hope everyone else had an enjoyable weekend!