Happy Thanksgiving

What a spread. And this was only half of it. On the other side of the room we had all the hot stuff - turkey, candied yams, potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn, gravy and biscuits. Since we only had 6 adults and 4 kids, we had lots of leftovers.

Of course the guys all watched football. Unfortunately, it seemed most everyone at the party had a cold, which meant there wasn't the ususal family gathering energy present in the house. Lots of sniffling, sneezing, and chills to go around, though, if you're feeling left out. I'm sure I could send some germs your way. Just drop me a note. Heck, I won't even charge ya! LOL

The only other thing of interest today was that we happened to wake up to the first real snowfall of the year. The boys couldn't wait to get outside and have at it. You can imagine how bummed they were mom wouldn't let them outside until I was sure the hunters would be in from the woods. They played outside for about forty-five minutes or so.