I am trying to get through my Witches and Witch Hunt assigned reading on Aliester Crowley, but it's slow going. I'm about halfway through the book. Unfortunately, I need to be able to write the book analysis this weekend in order to meet the fast approaching deadline. I love to read and I normally read very fast, but reading with an analytical eye rather than for pleasure does tend to slow me down.

I'm also trying to get through my assigned reading for my Travellers in the Middle East class. The book is pretty good and I've been surprised by some of the developments. Always a good thing.

I need to start working on my final paper for that class, though, too. Yeesh.

Oh, yeah, and the WIP. How's that going, you ask? Not very fast. I'm up to 87K and I'm hoping the last 25-35K will write itself. I didn't even open it last night though thanks to Aliester Crowley, aka "The Beast 666". That guy had issues...

What else? Well, we have confirmation that we'll be moving my dad's stuff into storage over the weekend. He's already brought a lot of stuff down, so it shouldn't take too much to relocate the rest of his posessions. My hubby thinks he and my dad and my brother can probably do it themselves in one trip. I feel a little guilty about this, but it will also free me up to get that stupid paper written.

As for how things are going with Dad living under my roof. Well, we've only had one heated discussion so far. Luckily, neither of us hold grudges. At least, not against immediate family members. I have to remind myself that this is probably harder for him than it is for us.

That's all for now.