WIP Update

Well, I'm moving right along. Up to 73K now.

I'm also excited to report I may have someone interested in doing the cover art for my novel. I'm planning on self-publishing through LuLu.com and would like to have the option to use something other than their stock covers. Lucky for me, a friend of mine knows a decent artist who has indicated an interested in doing the artwork.

I realize self-publishing isn't for everyone, but I think in this instance it's the right choice for me. Here are the contributing factors to this decision:
  1. This project is a gift..one that I would like to give in a nice and tidy package and not a ream of loose-leaf pages.
  2. Waiting on an agent or publisher to pick it up could delay the act of giving this gift to the recipient for several months (or years)
  3. The market is drowning in vampire stories. Don't believe me? Walk through the romance aisle at your local B&N or Borders and tell me every other title isn't related to vampires and werewolves.
  4. I'm excited to hold one of my WIPs in my hands. I want to feel the glossy cover under my fingertips and smell the glue.

Of course, I'm going to be pushing it to get the book finished, edited, and proofed in time for the holidays. Once that process is complete I have no idea how long it takes for the printed product to become available. Chances are that I probably won't meet my Christmas deadline, but I'd like to try.