Too Many Distractions

I knew it would happen eventually, but I really thought I'd be a few weeks into the challenge before I failed to write anything at all. That's right. I got nowhere fast on the story last night. Although, in a feeble attempt to redeem myself, I did open the WIP and tweak a few sentences before heading off to bed.

The problem started when I got home last night. Being Wednesday and therefore a school night for Mom, I didn't get home until 7:20ish. First thing I noticed were my son's bloodshot eyes and pitiful expression. I had sent him to school that morning with a sore throat. Apparently the sore throat mutated into a sore throat/headache/fever by evening. Right. Mommy-mode kicked in and I lost a couple hours to snuggling and thermometer checks.

After the kidlets were put to bed we ended up with company. My car has developed a spontaneous leak, so my hubby had called over a friend of his to help with the detective work. Yeah, they still don't know what's going on. My car has turned into a very mysterious piece of machinery over the last few months. The bizarre noise coming from the front end has defied explanation despite two attempts to tear things apart and pinpoint the culprit and now this. Not good.

Of course, after working on the car, the guys had to have a couple of beers and watch the Ultimate Fighters on the ole television. You'd think I'd have no problem writing while grown men grappled on the screen, but you'd be wrong. I couldn't focus. A comment or two from the guys in my living room would catch my attention and I'd soon find myself watching a replay or engaging in conversation. (Okay, so I might have flipped our guest off a couple of times...but he deserved it! Smart ass. That's what he is.)

The greatest distraction proved to be my wireless connection, though. Stupid laptop still won't recognize the new router we had installed. You can only imagine my quest to get all connected and whatnot.

So, all in all, I accomplished very little last night. I didn't even do the dishes, which made the hubby a little unhappy with me this morning when he realized I was going off to work while he tended to the sick child.