Stinky Dog

So the night before last I left my dog outside overnight. It wasn't intentional. I let her out, got busy doing something else, and then went to bed.

How could I miss the fact that my dog was still outside, you ask? Well, she's old and has a tendency to head off to bed with the boys whenever it suits her fancy. Some nights she stays down in the living room with us until we call it a night. Then there are the nights when she's apparently too tired to chew on her feet for hours on end and will wander upstairs to the boys' bedrooms to pick out a good spot.

I wish I would have remembered to let her in. I don't know if she rolled in a dead skunk or if she wandered through the lingering spray, but she definitely had some kind of interaction with a little black-and-white stinkball.

So I gave her a bath last night. Shampoo only. No tomato juice or other homemade remedy to rid her fur of the smell. Yeah, didn't work so well.

So then I decided to try some Febreeze. Yes, that's right. I Febreezed my dog. I kept clear of her face and warned her to hold off licking herself for the next few hours. Considering she was still alive and kicking this morning, I think she listened.

Of course, the hubby tells me it's all my fault and I can't blame her for getting stinky. Humph.