Oh, Ye of Little Faith

Here's a cute story for you.

This weekend the hubby was roofing a house with a friend, which meant he wasn't around in the mornings to fix breakfast for the kidlets. Every weekend my hubby makes pancakes for his boys - sometimes on Saturday and Sunday. Well, since he was gone both mornings before we even thought of getting out of bed, there were no pancakes to be found.

Sunday morning I got up and felt all domestic-like. I walked into the living room where the boys were watching cartoons and asked them if they'd like me to make them pancakes for breakfast.

My youngest looks up at me from where he was lounging on the couch and says, "Mom, you don't know how to make pancakes."

And he believed it! He really didn't think I had any idea on how to whip up the batter (mix + water, if you're curious) and pour it on the skittle. Poor little man! You can tell I'm not much of a kitchen-goddess. Cooking..bah! Still, that the poor child had no idea Mom could do more than pour cereal in a bowl is really rather pathetic.

Of course, you know I laughed. And made the pancakes.