Happy Halloween

We've been Trick-or-Treating in my husband's hometown ever since my oldest nephew, who is now 15 and too cool to dress up, was old enough to be carried from door to door. As you can see the tradition has grown from one little nephew to this crazy crew of monsters. This year we had 14 kids to keep tabs on, no easy feat when the age groups vary enough to send one group way ahead of the others.

Oh, and of course it rained. It could have been worse, though. This was one of those misty rains instead of a steady drizzle or outright downpour.

After walking around town for an hour and stopping at the Post Office for a free donut and cup of apple cider, we made it back to my in-laws' place. My mother-in-law had made enough homemade chicken noodle soup to feed a small army, which is exactly what we were. The kids rushed through a bowl apiece and then began asking for candy every five minutes.

Below are two of the 14 faces missing from the group picture. One got there too late to participate and the other simply wasn't having none of that picture posing nonsense.