Digital Scrapbooking

I've been experimenting with digital scrapbook layouts. There are some elements I really like. The stamp feature is a lot of fun, especially when you consider how many freebies can be found on the Web. On the layout above I used a swirly stamp that I got from Obsidian Dawn. If you browse her site for a minute or two, you'll notice the variety and intricacy of her photoshop brushes. Amazing.

I also like how I can put on title and journalling. There is no guesssing involved. And it's much easier than trying to figure out how to get a 8.5 x 11" printer to do extra large titles.

The eye-dropper tool is another added bonus for working in digital. I pulled the colors above from Danielle's shirt. How fun is that!

The downside to digital? I'm not really fond of the flat look. I don't like how the ribbon element turned out. The page looks digital and that's not really what I'm going for. I know this will probably take some practice, but first I need to figure out if I want to spend time perfecting a skill I may decide not to utilize.