Two New Writerly Books

First of all, I don't think writerly is a word...but I'm using it anyhow. Enough said.

Okay, so I've already mentioned I'm having this odd little fixation on getting the next scene right in my book. I know I should just wing it and worry about fixing it later, but I can't. I seem unable to proceed past the yellow crime scene tape, which reminds me, would the house be taped off even if the police weren't actively hounddogging the case? Don't know.

I've just sent an order through Amazon for..(drumroll, please):

I was going to expedite shipping but decided it wasn't worth $13. So, I went with the super-saving shipping option that takes FOREVER but is FREE. I'll probably get the books next week. This is actually a good thing. As much as I want to work on my story, I also have lots of homework I need to get done first.

Still, I'm excited by new book purchases. Ergo, I must be world's biggest geek.