Proud Moment

I am so proud of this little boy. He has been working with Miss Danielle for 9 (or is it 10?) months. He has worked so hard and its paid off, which is why Miss Danielle has decided its time to stop the tutoring.

Yes. He's done. The tutoring ended last night.

Strangely, I think I'm going to miss it in some small way. It was such a comfort knowing he was working with someone who genuinely cared about him and his schooling.

Of course, I'll enjoy having the tutoring fees back in my pocket. I might even have to celebrate in some small way when I get paid next week.

But money and lost time aside, I think the most important thing is that he continues to do well. School is back in session now and he's going to have keep working hard in order to keep up with his classmates. The great thing is...I know he can do it.