I'm busy!

I was doing so well for so long. Then I ran into a little snag. The snag turned into avoidance. It's not that the story is dead or even stalled. There's not a single good reason for why I've been so lax. Laziness certainly isn't an acceptable explanation.

The truth is I need to start scheduling writing back into my life. I allowed myself a few days off and, before I knew it, a week had gone by.

Of course, I need to fit a lot of other things into my schedule, too. Here's the rough skeleton of my work week:

6:30-7:30 - Get out of bed and get ready for work
7:45 - Get children to bus stop
8:30-5:00 - Work (half-hour lunch somewhere in between)
5:30-5:45 - Pick up children from daycare
6:00-8:30 - Do the mom and wife thing until kids are in bed

That doesn't sound too bad. I should have plenty of time after I get home to fit in an hour or two of writing, right? Not so much.

Mondays and Wednesdays I have class from 5:30-6:45. On those nights I'm going to be pushing it to be home by 7:30. I know the hubby will take care of the boys. They'll be fed and their homework will be done. Knowing the hubby, he'll probably even do a lot of the household chores, too.

Yes, I am spoiled. I know this.

But what about my homework? I'm taking two classes this semester (more on those later). There are reading assignments, essays, and a journal I need to worry about.

I am also running now. Last month my sister ran the Crim Festival of Races and I promised her I would run it with her next year. Of course, I'm not aiming to run 10 miles. I'll be content to finish 3 miles. This means I need to make sure I'm running at least 5 times a week.

I am also taking kickboxing classes. My goal is attend 3 classes a week.

Now I need to carve out at least an hour a night for writing. I really want to finish this story. It's been too long since I've completed a major writing project. I not only want to do this for my sister-in-law, but for myself.

I think this means I'm going to have to set up a daily calendar to plot out my time, hour by hour. Ewww.