The new season is here. For the first time in MONTHS I was able to watch television without being bored to tears. Yay for premiere week!

After getting home from school last night I pretty much planted my butt on the couch. While eating my spagetti and garlic bread - made and served up hot courtesy of my wonderful hubby - I watched Chuck. It's not going to be a favorite, but I found it entertaining enough to set up a Season Pass on my TIVO system.

Next we had Heroes. This happens to be one of the shows I quite enjoyed last year, so I was quite happy. I have to admit they've got me curious on a couple of points. What exactly is Maya's power? Why or how does her brother seem to be able to control her control over it? That's weird. Also...the boy at the new school, you know he spells trouble for Claire. Not to worry, though, I think she can handle him. And was that Peter in the shipping crate? He looked so different that I couldn't be sure (hubby insists it was Peter with a shave and a haircut).

After Heroes we watched the new JourneyMan. This is one could be very interesting, but I'm not going to cry if I miss an episode. Maybe the stakes will get higher as the storyline unravels.

Tonight there are more season premieres, but I won't be watching them. Thank goodness for TIVO! Instead of being incredibly lazy two nights in a row, the hubby and I are taking our boys to see the Tigers and the Twins duke it out. We were offered four tickets - FREE - this morning. So, of course, we're going.

I'll just have to wait to catch up on my television shows until tomorrow night..or the weekend. I do have a paper to write and some reading to catch up on. Darn it! This is the only time homework really sucks.