Curriculum Night, Running, & Homework

Whew! What a busy day.

After work I had to run to the kids' school to meet with their teachers. The info sessions started at 5, but I couldn't get there any sooner than 6 o'clock thanks to my new work schedule.

Oh my.

They had warned me that things would be different in 4th Grade. Harder. Higher expectations. They weren't kidding. I must admit as I sat there listening to his teacher go over how things will work in her classroom (and every other 4th Grade classroom), I felt a twinge of panic. My boy, God love him, is a scatterbrain. Now you're telling me that he needs to be responsible and turn in his homework WITHOUT prompting? Oh dear. Wait! There's more! He's got to get a C, not a C-, a C in four main subjects in order to be eligible to proceed into 5th Grade. When I was in school a D- was enough to get you by....

Don't misunderstand. It's not that I want him to get anything less than a C. Of course I want him to get A and B marks on his report cards. But I also know this child has struggled from day one and will likely continue to do so. Not that he's not smart enough, because he is, but that he has trouble with focusing and organizational skills, both of which he must have this year to do well.

Alrighty then. The hubby and I are going to have to work with him and remind him every morning to turn in his work. We can do that.

He can do this.

I need to stop panicking.

On a slightly more upbeat note, the 1st Grade teacher tested our youngest on his reading level and said he scored right where he should. What a relief. She also said he's shy; I warned her that that wouldn't last.

After meeting with the teachers I met my sister and her three kids at the high school track. I ran the entire mile! I didn't walk once, well except as a cool down afterwards. Yay, me!

Now I'm sitting here waiting for my homework to print. I'm hoping I can make it through tomorrow's key reading assignment before bedtime. Wish me luck!